Golf Tips

Golf Tips

A lot of players talk about how they hit the ball well on the range, but can’t do it on the golf course. I think that there is probably a simple explanation for it. Most people don’t practice like they play.

There are players who never hit a shot on the range using their normal preshot routine and then go to the golf course and use an elaborate 45-second routine. The preshot routine should be developed and honed on the range and the putting green before put to work on the course.

A consistent preshot routine can be a player’s greatest asset to help focus the mind, instill confidence, and eliminate distractions. It should be simple and tailored to a player’s preferences, but still achieve those three objectives. Your routine should be relatively short and simple, but should consist of the following ingredients.

  • Specific Plan – How do you want to play the shot? Pick out a specific target and then the club needed to best execute the shot.
  • Positive Image – Visualize yourself hitting the shot that you want.
  • Rehearsal – Take a practice swing trying to feel the tempo needed to carry out a successful shot.
  • Target Focus – You must have a target and have your body aligned properly to it. The closer you are to the execution of the shot, the more your focus should be on the target.
  • Execution – A good routine allows you to trust the swing and let instinct take over.

Lee Wilson
PGA Professional